Packaging Solutions for Breweries
Packaging Solutions for Breweries

Coming Soon!!! Be apart of the next big thing in Brewing with In-Line Labeling's Beer Filler!!!

At long last it's here!! Introucing our brand new Beer Filler! So many of you have asked us to build one and we responded!


Here are just a few specifications of the Filler to wet your whistle, but please refrain from drooling.


-Adjustable from 8oz to 750mL long-tube Filler

-Adjustable up to 8-heads with speeds up to 40 bottles per minute

-Crowner included

-Automatic crown sorter included

-True pre-evac with counter-pressure fill method!!!

Beer Can Labeler - Model 700SP

For smaller breweries or for brewers looking to can smaller runs, buying a truckload of screen-printed cans can be wasteful and expensive. Our Model 700SP offers the perfect solution for those looking to cut costs by labeling cans. Brewers buy cans blank and then rinse, fill, and seam them on their canning line. From there, the cans move on to the 700SP labeler, which grabs one can at a time and spins them in place as the label is applied.


Brewers who prefer the look of screen printed cans may use clear labels to achieve a similar appearance. View the video below to see the 700SP in action! More details can be found here.

Introducing Our Semi-Automatic Half-Stack Depalletizer

To better serve brewers who are looking to automate their production lines, we are now producing depalletizers capable of unloading a half-stack of pallets with minimal manual labor.


Half-stack pallets are placed into the depalletizer frame using a forklift or pallet jack. Once inside the frame, the operator will cut and remove the shrink wrap, exposing the top layer of bottles. An operator interface will allow the user to start the process, and the pallet will be raised to the correct level so that the base of the top layer is level with the feed table. A motorized pusher bar will engage and push bottles out onto the feed table, starting and stopping as bottles are needed. Bottles will transfer out onto the feed table, and from there be fed onto the right-angle conveyor. The table, conveyor and pusher belt turn on and off automatically based on a downstream photo--eye indicating the need for bottles. If the line is full the system waits until bottles are needed and then restarts.


Once the layer on the feed table depletes, the pusher bar will retract back to the home position, and wait for the operator to take the divider between layers off. When the operator presses the resume button, the platform unit will raise to the next level and resume feeding bottles. After the final layer is depleted, the platform will lower back to the ground and the empty pallet be removed and a new pallet positioned. A standard layer contains 440 bottles for the normal 12 ounce (330 ml) size. Run time for each layer is between 10 and 15 minutes. Unloading time for each layer (average time to raise the pallet, push the layer) is less than 1 minute, so the operator should be available for other tasks.


Learn more about it here!

Complete Bottling Lines Built to Work with the Meheen Merlin Bottler

Many customers expressed interest in having our labelers first in the line, labeling before filling. We listened and came up with a way to automate the entire process.


Workers load empty glass onto the rotary infeed table, and pick up the completed product on the accumulation table. The rotary infeed table, using rails, sorts empty bottles in a straight line to feed the labeler. Labels are first applied to the bottle, then an automatic rinser collects 8 bottles per cycle and inverts them over water nozzles.  Using the pump supplied with the Merlin a manifold supplying the nozzles is energized and sanitary water is projected into the bottle.  After a drain the bottles are inverted back onto the line and released.


Bottles are then positioned in front of the angled infeed deck of the bottler.  When a full row of bottles (typically 6 for 12 ounce) is present and the first row on the infeed deck is open the row of bottles is pushed onto the deck automatically.


Full controls are included which allow adjustment of all the machine functions.


Check it out under the Products section!

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