Packaging Solutions for Breweries
Packaging Solutions for Breweries

In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc. offers a complete range of solutions to meet your brewery labeling needs. Here is an overview of our standard machines, which fit 90% of all breweries with speeds of 60 bottle/minute or less:


  • The Model 700MB for single body label.
  • The 700MB with trunnion for 2 labels from the same roll (or clear labels).
  • The 700MB with trunnion and neck label applicator for front, back, and neck labels (front and back from the same roll, neck from separate roll).
  • The 700NW for front, back and neck labels from separate rolls.
  • An automatic Rinser/Bottle Feeder for pre-loading the Meheen Merlin bottler.


We also offer other machines based on special applications.  For instance, other machines commonly built would include:


  • A special model of our 700MB with trunnion allows the use of 2 Merlin bottlers on the same conveyor.  This boosts production speeds to 70 bottles/minute.  Additionally, some users have 2 different size bottlers (example 12 and 22 ounce) on the same conveyor and switch the labeler back and forth for the different bottles.
  • Our Model 700SP mught be offered for clear labels or front abd back labels on a 22 ounce or 750ml bottle, with production rates below 35 per minute.
  • Our Model 1200SP can be offered in situations where the labels are placed on the bottle relative to a feature of the bottle, such as a locating lug.  A locating lug can allow placement of labels to miss bottles seams, or to align the labels with embossing in the glass.


We also offer faster machines for breweries at higher production speeds.  Please call the office at 843-569-2530 for more information on these models.

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