Packaging Solutions for Breweries
Packaging Solutions for Breweries

In-Line Labeling Equipment:

A Complete Line of Packaging Solutions for Breweries of All Sizes

At In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc., we feature a full line of pressure-sensitive labelers for breweries of all sizes and with a variety of label configurations.  Our line starts with the 700MB, which can apply a single body label up to 100 bottles/minute.  A special configuration of the machine is perfectly suited for marrying to the Merlin bottler from Meheen Manufacturing, but the entire line of Labelers can be configured for just about any line situation or Bottler.


An indexing Trunnion mechanism is added to allow front and back labels from the same roll as is common on 750 Belgian bottles, and a Neck Label applicator is added to permit application of neck labels - all timed together and applied at the same time.


Our 700NW also applies front, back and neck labels but from separate rolls.  This method allows speeds up to 100 bottles/minute.


For faster speeds we offer other machines with servo upgrades which can approach speeds of 250 bottles/minute.  Please call for details regarding these machines.

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